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Making it simple to share your ideas with target audiences. is owned by Christine Cooney. With 20+ years of experience in Web development and design, your projects are in good hands.

The web is an evolving system - as such it pays to be engaged and proactive. At my role is to maintain and enhance your sites to make them the most effective tools possible for your institution or business.

Christine Cooney is a Senior Web Designer for Studio Two in Miami, providing web design, SEO, branding, & photography services.

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2021 MSK Engineering

2021 Nature’s Closet

2021 WAC Adventures

2021 GBU Life

2021 Craft Brewers Whiskey Project

2020 Doho

2020 Goodman MD

2020 Gifted Child

I have over 20+ years of experience in Web design and development. I currently live in beautiful Lenox, MA with my husband and 3 active children. Working remotely for Studio Two of Miami, FL, I enjoy the freedom of working independently yet connected online. My passion is photography and am currently mastering skills in SEO and SEM. Some of my hobbies include gardening, cooking, and eating raspberries if my kids don't beat me to them.